Hello there! I HAD SO MUCH FUN HANGING AT THE SHELTER ALL DAY! I appreciate all the help, the welcoming energy, the lifting and carrying, the help with the furry ones, all of it. Thank you for having me, and I can’t wait to hang again on the 7th.

Notes on Images:

  • These are unedited, so keep in mind I will correct any imperfections, remove leashes, extend the backdrop to the edge of the image, etc. on any choices you make. Choose your faves based on how cute everything is :)

  • Please don’t share any proofs on social media, as they’re not ready for public consumption! Thank you for understanding

  • You can leave me notes on each image if you’d like a certain aspect edited. Don’t hesitate to let me know anything at all!

Choosing your images: Please select your favorites (2 are included in price***) by clicking the Heart on each image. You’ll be prompted to enter your e-mail when you start your list— the gallery will remember you as you continue to select your images and will communicate those choices to me! You’ll receive the link to your private gallery containing your edited shots within a few days.

Payment info: I’m splitting the proceeds with the shelter and we’re taking a “Pay What You Can” approach for the Staff’s pics. If you didn’t have a chance to pay for your session on Wednesday, you can send me money via Venmo (@Libby-z) and PayPal (

***Any extra images, I’d appreciate a $5-20 donation per image paid via PayPal or Venmo before final edits are delivered.

Password: SPAS